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Bear Sightings and Education

Bears are on the Prowl for Food:  July 2018

Please Don’t Feed Them with Garbage.

Over the last couple of weeks, Castle Pines residents have observed black bears foraging in your neighborhood and local community.  This is not an uncommon event since your community is nestled in bear country.  Activity up to this point has been primarily sightings, with an occasional opportunistic visit to a birdfeeder or trash can.  Typically, bears will travel through communities and not create much of a disturbance as long as attractants are scarce.  Even still, bears will return to forage because of easy access to trash and other attractants such as the mentioned birdfeeders, unattended pet food, or greasy barbecue grills.  Once a black bear has easy access to these food items, they quickly learn to associate our communities as a source for an easy meal.  We need your help to stop this cycle.

If attractants for bears are made inaccessible, they will move on.  Thus, we encourage everyone within the community to make an effort to keep these bears “wild” and out of trouble.

Please help by observing the following:

  • Securely close and lock all ground-level windows and doors to prevent a bear from gaining easy access to your home.  Never leave your garage or shed doors open and unattended with potential food items inside;
  • Never feed wildlife in order to get a better view of them.  It is illegal to feed big game or to leave attractants available for them.  This includes bears, and people who intentionally feed or lure bears to their property can be cited;  
  • Keep garbage in a well-secured location.  Clean trashcans with ammonia and water to reduce odors that attract bears;
  • Put out garbage on the morning of pick-up.  Do not put out trash the night before;
  • If you do not have a garage, maintain trash indoors or in a secured site.  Double bag trash to help reduce odors.  Food scraps that are highly aromatic can be placed in the freezer until garbage-collection day;    
  • Use a bear proof trash can or dumpster.  If you don’t have one, ask a trash-removal company for options.  You may also call our office or visit our website for information;  
  • Remove birdfeeders from April through November;   
  • Don’t compost;
  • Do not leave pet food or dirty dishes outdoors at night.  Store all pet food and stock feed inside;
  • If you have fruit trees, don’t allow fruit to rot on the ground;
  • After cooking on a grill, leave the burners on for several minutes to burn remaining scraps and liquids completely.  Store grills in a storage area or in the garage;
  • Observe wildlife from a distance.  Never approach them and make yourself look big and use loud noises should they come within close distances;
  • Keep pets leashed when out walking on trails and visiting local parks and open spaces.  Supervise pets when outside, especially during peak wildlife activity times of dawn and dusk.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) offers this reminder: A fed bear is a dead bear.  An important point to remember is that the community of Castle Pines is located in bear habitat, and CPW expects bears to occupy these habitat areas.  A bear will not be removed just for its mere presence.  Conflicts can be avoided by residents living responsibly in bear country.

If you have questions or concerns about bears, please contact CPW in Denver at (303) 291-7227.  CPW Officers are dispatched through Colorado State Patrol (CSP), and should you require assistance after hours, the number to call is (303) 239-4501.  You can also read more about bears by visiting 

***Watch some new bear outreach videos that CPW is utilizing this year.
1st video:
2nd video:
3rd video:
4th video:
5th video:

* Information provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife