2019 Annual Meeting of the Delegates

The Annual Delegate Meeting of the Castle Pines North “Master” Association, Inc. will be held on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at the Castle Pines Library, 360 Village Square Lane, Castle Pines, CO  80108, in the Castle Pines North Association Event Hall, beginning at 6:00 p.m. 


            1. Call to Order
            2. Approval of Agenda
            3. Introductions
            4. Verification of Quorum/Roll Call and Proof of Notice of Meeting
            5. Approval of 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
            6. Officers Report
            7. Committee Reports
            8. Unfinished Business
            9. New Business

          A. Board of Directors Recommends Dissolution

      1. Presentation on Recommending Dissolution
      2. Presentation on Proposal to Dissolve – Options and Voting Requirements
      3. Deadline for Delegates to Meet with Respective Sub-HOA Homeowners for their Consensus on Dissolving
      10. Adjournment


Castle Pointe October 2019 Newsletter

October 2019 newsletter

Castle Pointe January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 newsletter

Be Bear Aware!

Please see below flyers that the Colorado Parks and Wildlife share about living responsibly with black bears.

Camping and Hiking..Bear
Living with Bears
Unwelcome Mats
Bearproofing Your Home
Bearproofing Trash


Castle Pines North “Master” Association Archived Newsletters


Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view 2005 through 2008 newsletters.


Please join us on Wednesday, October 16th, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., in the Castle Pines North Metro District Community Room (7404 Yorkshire Drive, Castle Pines), for a presentation by District Wildlife Manager, Justin Olson and other staff of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  They will discuss living with wildlife in Castle Pines, particularly the bears and other predators.  Also addressed will be wildlife behavior and how we can avoid conflicts between humans, pets and our local wildlife.  A brief survey to research community perspectives regarding human-bear conflicts in your neighborhood will be conducted, with the data assisting in the development of a new strategic education plan to help minimize Front Range bear conflicts.  We encourage adults and children alike to attend this educational and very interesting event. 


CPN “Master” Board of Directors 

South Metro Fire Rescue Fire Line Newsletter – Summer 2019

South Metro Fire Rescue Fire Line Newsletter – Summer 2019

2019 – Garage Sales

2019 Concert in the Park Series

The Castle Pines North “Master” Association

The Castle Pines North “Master” Association was formed in 1999 and consists of 23 Delegate Districts, which encompass 37 neighborhoods listed below, totaling 3,299 Members:

Royal Hill, KnightsBridge, Noble Ridge East, Kings Crossing, KnightsBridge II, Noble Ridge West, Canterbury Park, Forest Park, Castle Pointe, BristleCone Single, BristleCone Patio, StoneCroft, BriarCliff, GreenBriar, BrambleRidge, WinterBerry, Claremont Estates, Huntington Ridge, Glen Oaks, The Hamlet, The Retreat, The Crossings, Villa Carriage, Lifestyle, Estates at Buffalo Ridge, Tapestry Hills, Daniels Ridge, Whisper Canyon, Esperanza, Coyote Crossing, Tapadero, Serena, Jasper Pointe, Turquoise Terrace, Ventana, Amber Ridge, Vaquero, and Hidden Pointe.

Dues are $40.00 and collected annually from each household.

Your $40.00 Annual HOA dues fund the following events in your community:

  • Four – “Summer Concerts in the Park.”
  • Two – Community Wide Garage Sales, (May and September).
  • Book and DVD Swap every other year.
  • Contribute funding for the Castle Pines Chamber events, including: Food Truck Frenzy, Party in the Park and the Run Wild Event.
  • New FREE OF CHARGE 2019 Electronic Recycle Event to take place in June. (more info to follow).
  • Provides a Master Website, cpnhoa.org for fact finding information for Realtors, Members and prospective residents.

For a better understanding of our current financial statements, click here and to view the

 2019 Budget Click here

In the past, the “Master” association donated $50,000 to our new library and is planning on donating $75,000 to entrance monuments to the City. 

The Castle Pines North “Master” Association does not own any property.  Therefore, it does not manage any snow removal, landscaping, public roads, private streets, driveways, sidewalks, trails, open spaces, clubhouses or swimming pools.  For more information regarding responsibility of these specific items please click here.

Other services regarding our community can be found by clicking here.

*If you are new to Castle Pines, this link should help you understand the variety of organizations, entities and government agencies that are in your area.  Click here.