Snow Removal in Castle Pines

Who is responsible for Snow Removal in Castle Pines?

The answer: It depends. The answer varies by neighborhood and by surface area; roads, sidewalks or trails. The responsible party could be the City of Castle Pines, your neighborhood HOA, CPN Metro District, or the resident. The Master Association does not own property, and does not manage any snow removal.

An overview of Snow Removal Responsibilities in Castle Pines is included below, for more information, select a topic.

Public Roads

Private Streets

Trails & Open Spaces

Driveways & Sidewalks 

Snow Removal from Public Roads

In Castle Pines, the City of Castle Pines is responsible for removing snow from the public roads but not from private streets.

Snow is removed from public roads according to the City’s snow removal priority. The largest arterial roads are plowed before the smallest: arterial roads, main roads, local roads and finally cul-de-sacs.

To view the City of Castle Pines snow removal policy visit:  or call 303-705-0200 

Snow Removal from Private Streets

Neighborhoods that have private streets are NOT plowed by the City.  In these areas, sub-associations contract with private companies to plow the streets.  Residents from these neighborhoods should contact their HOA if they have plowing concerns:  Amber Ridge, Broadwick/Canterbury, Daniel’s Ridge, Esperanza, The Estates of Buffalo Ridge, Forest Park, The Hamlet, Pine Ridge, Turquoise Terrace, Ventana, and Whisper Canyon.

Snow Removal from Trails & Open Spaces

Responsibility for snow removal along trails and walking paths in open spaces depends upon the owner of the property. 

Trails & Open Spaces along Major Roads

Snow removal on trails along major roads is handled by the CPN Metro District.  For more information contact the CPN Metro District.

Trails & Open Spaces within a Neighborhood

The neighborhood HOA is responsible for snow removal on  property within a neighborhood, including HOA common areas, and sidewalks. Visit your Neighborhood HOA website for more information.

Snow Removal from a Home’s Driveways & Sidewalks

Patio Home & Town Home Neighborhoods 

In patio and town home neighborhoods, the HOA is responsible for clearing snow from the homes’ driveways and sidewalks.

Homeowner’s Sidewalks

In all other neighborhoods (non-patio, non-town home neighborhoods), homeowners are responsible for clearing snow from any and all sidewalks that abut their property. Please check your neighborhood HOA covenants as there may be a time limit on when snow and ice has to be removed.