Homeowner Disclosures

This page provides a directory to information required by the 2005 update to CCIOA, Senate Bill 100.

Most of this information is available for self-service through the website, however, if you have any questions please contact the management company at (303) 904 9374 or email kim@premierpropmgmt.com.

The Master Associations communications with its residents include the website, email alerts and occasional mailings.

Association and Community Name

Legal name of the Association: The Castle Pines North Association, Inc.

Commonly Known as: The Castle Pines North Master Association.

The name of the Common Interest Community served by the Master Association is the City of Castle Pines. Most residents of the City of Castle Pines belong to the Castle Pines North “Master” Association.

More Similar Association Names in CPN.

Association Management Services

The HOA Management page has information about the Master Association’s management, including the mailing address and contact information. For information about a specific Master Association service, please contact the Management Company.

For any questions or comments, you may contact the Management Company via phone, email or fax.

Association Officers

The Master association is governed by a board of local homeowners. Neighborhood HOAs select a Delegate to serve as their “voice” to the Master Association. The Delegates elect the Master Association’s seven-member Board of Directors. A list of Master Association Officers is available on this web site, or please contact the Management Company.

Association Documents and Governing Policies

Association Documents (Articles, Bylaws etc..)

Declaration Recording Information

Governance Policies