Frequently Asked Questions

Which Neighborhood HOA do I belong to?

Homeowners in Huntington Ridge and Claremont Estates only belong to the Master Association.
All other homeowners belong to at least one other neighborhood HOA, some even belong to three. To find out yours go to Find Your HOAs.

Dues for the Castle Pines North Master Assn are annually at $40.00.  Dues are due on January 10th and late after February 10th, with a $50 late fee.  The mailing address is:

Castle Pines North Master Assn
C/o Premier Property Mgmt
POB 90018
Omaha, NE  68103-1518

Whats the difference between the Master Association and the other neighborhood HOAs?

The Master Association serves City of Castle Pines residents in a variety of roles to enhance the quality of life in the community, including: communicating important information to the community, spearheading the efforts of community volunteers and sponsoring community-wide events throughout the year.

While the Master Association can contribute funds to building new community amenities, the Master does not own or maintain any property. New parks are built by the Parks Authority, existing parks and open space are managed by the Castle Pines North Metro District or the City of Castle Pines. Neighborhood pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, monuments and some open spaces are maintained by their respective HOAs.

Neighborhood HOAs serve specific subdivisions within the community. The community consists of more than 30 individual neighborhood HOAs, each with its own Board of Directors, set of covenants, management company and dues billing. Each board determines the priorities for its particular neighborhood.

The services provided by the individual HOAs vary, but many include: trash collection, maintenance of common areas, pool, clubhouse, and other facilities; neighborhood social events, and oversight of covenants and architectural guidelines. Town homes, patio homes and gated neighborhoods typically have additional property and maintenance associations, services and dues.

For more information about your specific neighborhood HOA dues and services, visit your Neighborhood HOA website (Find Your HOAs) or contact your Neighborhood HOA management company.