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If you are a resident or a realtor and are wanting information on the BristleCone Patio HOA you can look through these pages for information.  In here you will find meetings and minutes, Dues, contacts and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Political Sign Questions & Answers

With the upcoming major elections in site we wanted to apprise you of the community rules for displaying political signs in your yards.  Political signs are allowed on a homeowners property but you need to ensure you are meeting the following criteria.  Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.

  • Allows placement of political signs on a residents unit or in the window of a residents unit
  • For single family and townhome communities, the unit includes the home itself, as well as any yard area that is owned by the owner
  • For condominium communities, the unit only includes the interior of the unit, as well as the display in the windows of the unit
  • Associations can prohibit the display of political signs on common elements
  • Allows the display of at least one sign per contested ballot measure and one sign per candidate for each election
  • In other words, each resident must be allowed to place at least one sign on his/her property for each ballot measure
  • Allows the display of signs for at least 45 days prior to the election and for 7 days after the election
  • Allows signs the size of which are at least the lesser of 36 x 48 inches or the maximum size allowed by any applicable city, town, or county ordinance that regulates the size of political signs on residential property


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